No escaping new mobile CCTV

The camera located at Santich Park.
The camera located at Santich Park.

Placed at Santich Park at the start of May, the system will be used in areas where anti-social behaviour and hooning are most prevalent.

The unit features a high definition long-range camera and an additional low-light camera to assist in licence plate recognition.

Video management software automatically scans footage for motion activity and is able to send alerts 24 hours a day to city staff.

Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett said the technology would be used where anti-social behaviour and hooning were most common.

‘There have been reports of ongoing hooning (at Santich Park),’ he said.

‘The unit would ideally stay in place for the next three months but could be changed subject to operational requirements.

‘In other locations we’ll be hoping to catch identifiable footage of suspects carrying out criminal acts. All footage like this will be passed onto the police, as per our memorandum of understanding.’

Mr Howlett said the city might look at purchasing extra units in the future.

Police Minister Liza Harvey has announced the State Government has purchased 24 new covert cameras worth $170,000 to help police catch reckless motorists.

Ms Harvey said the cameras would be used in known hoon hot spots.

‘For operational reasons police will not name specific streets or locations, however it is clear that they will be targeting known suburban streets and cul-de-sacs in Cockburn and Fremantle that experience hoon behaviour,’ she said.

‘The message is clear: if you hoon on our streets we will catch you and we will take your car off you.’

Ms Harvey said police wished to remain tight lipped on what the cameras looked like and how they work.

Cockburn MLA Fran Logan said he would be pushing the State Government to use the cameras in Cockburn.

In 2012 Mr Logan presented the council with a petition featuring more than 3000 signatures, calling on it to purchase mobile hoon cameras.

‘Well, let’s see what the Government rolls out and as the MP for Cockburn I will be calling for the cameras to be used firstly around the city, especially as we demanded this technology in the first place,’ he said.