No plastics for City of Fremantle events

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CITY of Fremantle events will no longer include the sale of single use plastics.

Fremantle councillors recently passed an extensive sustainable events policy which would effect City run events, including Fremantle Festival and One Day in Fremantle, or events that require City approval such as Winterworld and Laneway Festival.

It includes a ban on balloons, confetti, polystyrene and styrofoam and single use plastic being used, sold or distributed at events.

No sale of single use plastics will be allowed at City events including cutlery, cups, coffee cups, bottles, plates, containers, bags and cling wrap.

City of Fremantle chief executive Philip St John said the implementation of the policy would have an educative, not punitive, approach.

“A range of mechanisms would be used over the two year trial period,” he said.

“We are not in the position to close down events but perhaps in the next approval, the operator won’t get approved.”

Councillors debated the health effects of single use plastic water bottles and introducing more water fountains in the City.

Councillor Andrew Sullivan said it was frustrating to see so many people buy the water.

“I want to encourage us to keep on this and be leaders in the community for this,” he said.

Other features include providing and labelling bins, promoting public transport, walking, and ensuring adequate bike parking.