Nothing half-baked about Lilly St lasagne

The reasons why will be on display this weekend as part of the 16th annual Lilly Street Lasagne Bake Off.

Sixteen years ago, two lasagne-loving neighbours Matt Elliott and Simon Jones decided to hold a competition to see who could make the best dish.

This two-person competition grew to become an event that draws in lasagne lovers from all over to enter their dishes, with both a Lilly Street resident category and another open to everybody else.

Organiser Jenny Baker said while there was no lasagne for sale on the day, it was an opportunity to be involved in a much loved community event that was a little different from the usual.

‘The first year there was only nine entries and I won it – much to the chagrin of both boys but ever since then, towards the middle of November, the tradition has continued,’ she said.

‘If you ask anyone around the South Freo area, most will know of the bake off and many will have come for a look or a try. It is a truly joyous day where people wake to the sound of That’s Amore playing from loud speakers down the street and people heralding ‘happy bake-off day’ to one another.

‘There is lots of music and laughter amidst friendly rivalry and sneaky tastings, everyone gets into the spirit and all the cares and worries of the people and the street are lost for the day.’

The 16th Annual Lilly Street Lasagne Bake Off is on Saturday November 16.

For more information on how to take part, call Paul or Jenny on 9335 9756.