Old East champion plays on with blood donations

Four decades ago, Peter Stephen had just finished a training session with the Sharks, when he decided to take part in a club-organised blood donation for the Red Cross Blood Service.

Last Saturday, the 1969 Lynn Medallist was one of 510 Perth residents recognised at Winthrop Hall for reaching significant milestones for blood, bone marrow and Anti-D donations.

Mr Stephen has tallied 250 donations since his first in the early ’70s, providing life-saving plasma for more than 750 people.

‘The plasma can be used in about 17 different ways, so it can go towards helping a lot of different people,’ he said. ‘I try and donate every two weeks.

‘You get into a bit of a routine after a while and it becomes like a habit.

‘It really is a worthwhile cause that takes about half an hour, so I’d encourage more to take part.’

Blood Service spokeswoman Jessica Willet said donations improved the lives of many West Australians, including new mothers, cancer patients and people undergoing emergency surgery.

Call 13 14 95 or visit donateblood.com.au.