One Day in Fremantle back for third year

Mayor Brad Pettitt. Photo: Andrew Ritchie
Mayor Brad Pettitt. Photo: Andrew Ritchie

ONE Day in Fremantle is back for its third year with Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt saying conversations surrounding the date of Australia Day are happening across the country.

Dr Pettitt said the event was inclusive and had been accepted.

“We do have lots of Aboriginal families coming down, multiculturalism, people from all over the world,” he said.

“I appreciate that it’s still controversial for some but the fact is the conversation is happening around the country.

“It’s not about telling people what to do it’s about giving people some options and we hope that they come down and enjoy Freo as well.”

Since the change Dr Pettitt said local governments on the east coast had approached Fremantle to discuss their event, which was first held in 2017 to provide a “culturally-inclusive alternative” to Australia Day.

“It doesn’t mean it’s easy for anyone to go down this path, as we was saw there was a fair number of people beating up on Freo in the process,” he said.

“What I’ve said to other local governments who have spoken to us about it, is to do consultation with your community, with your Aboriginal community especially.

“It has to be one of those things where you go on that journey together and commit to an outcome that is actually more inclusive.”

In the future Dr Pettitt said they will keep doing what they are doing and make the day a key part of Fremantle’s festival calendar.

“I do hope that the ongoing message on how we can be part of the reconciliation conversation will continue to grow and mature across the country,” he said.

Sydney based singer-song writer Montaigne will be headlining the event on January 27.