Opinion: Ban is far from being in the bag

FREMANTLE�S plastic bag ban has again hit trouble after

Liberal MP Peter Katsambanis launched a disallowance motion in State Parliament.

Mr Katsambanis, who represents the North Metropolitan region, claims the move would be best co-ordinated at state level.

In response to which, the Gazette asks when does the State Government intend to show leadership on this issue?

Mr Katsambanis� claim that the City of Fremantle�s attempts to reduce the plastic bags that enter landfill and waterways is �ad hoc� could not be further from the truth.

The City has taken a

conscientious and consultative

approach to reduce plastic bags. This is the second

attempt the council has made to enact the ban that has been stymied at state level.

Local governments who take up the baton to protect the

environment should be

applauded for taking their

responsibilities seriously.

What a shame our State representatives won�t do the same.