Opinion: Indiana carpark not right spot for basketball court

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Stock picture.

I agree that a basketball court in the Cottesloe district would be great, but not in the beach car park next to Indiana.

A basketball court located there would be next to a residential area, only 30 metres from nearby residences, in a small area crowded with people and bounded by a roadway and footpaths.

Not only that, but the activities of a few people would occupy the whole area.

In such proximity to roads, residences, footpaths and crowds of people crossing to and fro, it is not desirable to locate noisy sports facilities, which include a basketball court, opposite a hotel with alfresco dining and in close proximity to residences and restaurants.

The sports facilities would be more likely to cause a lot of trouble rather than help locals “repair friendships, solve problems and fall in love”, as alluded to in the February 13 edition opinion piece.

The article expounded the benefits of the basketball courts at South Beach but overlooked mentioning that they are on the ocean side of large extensive parklands, have toilets and showers adjacent, are 200 metres away from any roads or residences and are on the far side of a railway line.

In Cottesloe we need to find a more isolated area for sports facilities, an area which is useable all year round and not so wind affected and be sure that any new developments at Cottesloe Beach maintain the uniquely friendly, laid back and accessible state and atmosphere which already exists there and appeals to so many people, local and International.

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