Opinions stated

This week we look into their views on Environment.

Parke: Labor has delivered the first comprehensive national network of marine sanctuaries. I am concerned about the impact of Roe 8 if it goes through the Beeliar Wetlands.

Van Lieshout: Incentives for rain water tanks for homes, schools and businesses; fruit trees and vegetable gardens for school communities and aged-care homes and promoting environmental- friendly practices.

Mulder: It is vital to protect the electorate’s shoreline, estuarine and riparian zones and I recognised the need for the reduction of pollution and ensuring sustainable resource development.

Hanssen: We need to lose the Carbon Tax and implement a 15,000 strong green army to rehabilitate parks, clean up rubbish and encourage people to use solar panels.

Wainwright: We need a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target based on science. We need to support local renewable energy projects and bring the mining sectors into public ownership.

Sharma: I will support the environment by bringing in funding for obvious transport deficiencies, such as the lack of good public links to the Perth airport.

Steele-John: We will invest $40 million to identify and map areas of critical habitat for endangered creatures. We will ensure our marine environment is protected from harmful development.

– See the Gazette next week for their views on homelessness and indigenous affairs.