Outgoing mayor’s parting words

Mr Ferris announced his resignation from council effective June 30 at last week’s council meeting.

He said he had taken a position as Director General of the Department of Culture and the Arts and would be unable to perform both roles.

However, he said his resignation would not affect the town’s drive to remain independent in the face of the State Government’s reform agenda.

‘I’ve been on council for close to eight years and there’s always been issues with amalgamation,’ he said.

‘ At the end of the day there was never going to be a good time.’

He told councillors and staff that he would look back fondly on his time in local government and that East Fremantle should stand strong on local government reform. ‘I believe as a council we continually punch above our weight and that’s due to the dedication of everyone here,’ he said.

‘East Fremantle does have a strong role and it’s important to work together with other councils in the region to remain independent.’