Paid parking looming

Patrons can go straight to the train after swiping. d421686
Patrons can go straight to the train after swiping. d421686

The SmartParker system, which will be introduced across all car parks associated with Transperth’s stations ” including Cockburn train station ” will see a fee of $2 a day placed on parking bays during weekdays.

The new cashless and ticketless system would see commuters register their SmartRider to their registration plate through an online link on the Transperth website.

PTA spokesman David Hynes said the system would still require commuters to tag onto the bus or train.

‘This will mean that passengers can park their cars, motorbikes or scooters, swipe their cards on the machine and then head straight to the station without having to display a ticket on their dash,’ he said.

‘Parking attendants will then be able to use license plate recognition software to check if parking has been paid for.’

Mr Hynes said most stations would still allow passengers to purchase a ticket using cash, but they would have to wait for a printed ticket and display it.

The change was introduced to limit the amount of people using park and ride bays at Transperth carparks without actually using public transport. The fee will be in place between 5am and 9pm on weekdays from July 1.