Police blame parents for underaged drinking and poor behaviour

ADULTS supplying alcohol to underage children is not just a problem around the Leavers period, according to South Metropolitan Community Engagement Sergeant Paul Trimble.

Sgt Trimble said the police received regular calls from the community about groups of children misbehaving because they have consumed alcohol.

‘Continually we are all confronted by some youths who lack morals and respect which is expected of us as community members and this can often be put down to bad parents, but there is anecdotal evidence that indicates the behaviour is sometimes fuelled by alcohol or drugs,’ he said.

‘As a community, we all have to take responsibility and ensure that alcohol is not getting into the hands of our youth.’

He said police wanted to be told of parents who supplied their under-age children with alcohol or drugs.

‘These parents need to be held responsible for their actions and the actions of their children which they are enabling by assisting in their intoxication,’ he said.

‘This is very frustrating to police, who are sick of being tied up with jobs relating to the unacceptable behaviour of some youths which is enabled by some parents, when we could be better put to use in other areas where required.’

Sgt Trimble said establishments not selling alcohol responsibly would also be targeted.