PCYC gets funding nod

The Liberal Government pledged the financial support during its election campaign in February and Mr Gillespie said last week, ‘I have been told that it’s there for the PCYC’.

The State Budget will be delivered on August 8.

Mr Gillespie said there were several steps to complete before work started.

‘A Government department will help us manage that money but before we expend that we want to make sure we have an asset management plan in place,’ he said.

‘We need to determine what we need to keep, refurbish and rebuild.’

The PCYC annual general meeting is on August 19 where the organisation will launch its three-year strategic plan.

‘One of the focuses of the next 12 months is the assets,’ Mr Gillespie said.

‘We already have a Lotterywest grant to refurbish Midland.

‘It’s about using that money properly so the PCYC is sustainable over 10, 20, 30 years.’

The strategic plan follows on from Claremont resident Peter Browne’s report in to the PCYC that included recommendations such as creating re-engagement centres in areas where juvenile crime statistics are high.

Mr Browne said areas like Armadale, Fremantle, Gosnells, Kensington, Midland and Rockingham would benefit from re-engagement rather than activity-focused centres.

The report also suggests that Claremont PCYC land in Lapsley Road be sold and management of the centre be amalgamated with Subiaco.

The Claremont PCYC will develop its land for residential as part of the Town of Claremont’s North East Precinct project and use profits to relocate, but a future location is undecided.

Other recommendations in Mr Browne’s report include rationalising PCYC locations to ensure demand areas are covered and magistrates issuing court orders for ‘prolific priority offenders’ to attend PCYC programs.