PCYC on ball for youth

Streetball project officer Brad Robbins.
Streetball project officer Brad Robbins.

One such program that has received positive feedback is Streetball, a youth diversion program run by former Perth Wildcat Brad Robbins that helps provide youth with a safe environment to play sport and take part in life skills workshops every weekend.

The PCYC also runs the Drop In, a program that allows between 30 and 50 disadvantaged or disengaged youth to attend daily projects ranging from hip-hop, woodwork, cricket, art classes and circus workshops.

It is not just the centre’s social programs that are turning heads but their sporting teams are also etching their names into big competitions.

Recently, four wrestlers medalled at the national championships, the centre won the PCYC Gymnastics State Championships and a number of basketball teams won premierships in the Cockburn junior competition.

Fremantle PCYC Centre manager Rebecca Slavin said their programs were used to help local youth.

‘Youth are considered the future leaders of our community and programs like Streetball enforce positive values and educate our kids with leadership skills,’ she said.

‘We hope to teach our kids how to be positive role models within the community and it gives the young people in the local area a safe place to play and helps to reduce antisocial behaviour in the local area.’

She said the more people knew about the work PCYC did in the community, the more people the centre could help, and volunteers and mentors were always in demand.

Research has shown that youth crime is greatly reduced through the use of diversion programs and activities, Ms Slavin said.