Peat fire pain continues for residents

Firefighters have been sent to the reserve to contain countless flare-ups as the fire, which began in early February, continues to burn underground.

In February the City of Cockburn issued a statement saying the odour affectimg people in Atwell, Success, Beeliar, Hammond Park and Wattleup could hang around until Perth finally had some rain.

The City also issued a warning for people with children, the elderly and people with pre-existing illnesses, saying they should limit their exposure to the smoke. Wattleup resident Miroslave Draca told the Gazette the smoke had been so bad she was forced to go and stay at her son�s house in Oakford.

Ms Draca has thyroid problems, making her extra sensitive to the environment around her.

She said the smoke had made it difficult to breathe, made her feel dizzy and had brought on headaches.

Another local resident said a recent flare-up and subsequent road closures had left her boxed in and unable to leave her home on numerous times.

�If you live near bush you know the risks, but I think there should be more burn-offs in there,� she said.

A DFES spokesman said an afternoon of rain could temporarily ease the smoke problem, but more would be needed to end the burn.

�It�s going to take significant rainfall to penetrate the soil underground,� he said.

�We�re continuing to patrol the reserve on a daily basis and we will remain vigilant and pro-active.�