Perth Freight Link battle continues

THE State Government looks like it is leaning towards a tunnel through Hamilton Hill, rather than taking part two of the Perth Freight Link down Stock Road and High Street.

Transport Minister Dean Nalder said part two was yet to be finalised, but he did apologise to Palmyra residents for the �uncertainty� created while he explored alternative routes.

�We�re going through the processes and working through all the options of not only phase two of looking at a tunnel, but also the last mile which means getting it across the river and into the port,� he said.

Mr Nalder continued to defend the State Government�s refusal to release key planning documents, including the full business case for the project.

�We are going through a process and working with proponents as to the appropriate contract and the pricing that goes with that,� he said.

�We�re not going to put at risk the contract negotiations and put a potentially higher price on anything by putting out information that would put the state in a worse position.�

�The Department is working through a paper which I wish to present once we finalise the routes through to the port that we can share with the broader community [showing] exactly what we�re doing and why we�re doing it.�

Fremantle MLA Simone McGurk said there had not been due consideration to the communities that would be �harshly affected� by the $1.6 billion project.

�The Government throws these figures around � 2000 trucks off Leach Highway as a result of the Perth Freight Link � but they are giving us no figures, they are giving us no data,� she said.

�We need full disclosure about the business case and traffic modelling underpinning this investment.

Ms McGurk said with Roe 8 to be signed off in the coming months, she was unwilling to wait for the government�s paper.

�It is reasonable for the community to know the business case and traffic modelling underpinning this project well before any contracts are signed,� she said.

�If the government had confidence in this project they would release the figures and they would ensure public scrutiny.�