North Coogee Petitioner Happy with Dog Beach Denial

Toby needs a walk: Peree Mehment and pooch. Picture: Elle Borgward        d433492
Toby needs a walk: Peree Mehment and pooch. Picture: Elle Borgward        d433492

A NORTH COOGEE resident who asked for a section of Coogee Beach to be designated as a dog exercise area says she understands why Council chose not to push ahead with it.

But some good has come from the push, with Council to prepare a plan to guide activities along the coast.

In February, Peree Mehmet asked for the beach north of the shark barrier to the groyne about 50m up to be dog-accessible.

Her request was backed by a petition containing 116 signatures.

The reaction to the petition was strong, with two petitions featuring a total of 896 signatures from people against it.

“Given that a significant percentage of recent petitioners do not want a dog-off-lead exercise area on the northern section of Coogee Beach, it is recommended that Council not establish this area as a dogs-off-lead exercise area,” Cockburn’s community services manager Rob Avard said in a report.

Mrs Mehmet said she was not too disappointed.

“I just thought we pay extra rates here, so maybe it was something that could work,” she said.

“But I can seen what can happen if they open the beach.”

But with the City’s population increasing and the number of recreational and commercial operators using local beaches, Mr Avard said now is the time for a coastal recreation activities plan to ensure the coast’s potential is realised.