Petra Street residents upset with ‘coarse and grainy’ asphalt on new footpath

Petra Street residents upset with ‘coarse and grainy’ asphalt on new footpath

RESIDENTS of Petra Street in East Fremantle have raised questions about the lack of transparency and the quality of work regarding a new footpath.

Petra street resident Charmaine Ziegler said the materials used for the project were of a substandard quality.

“We were only told what materials were going to be used when bulldozers rolled up outside our place,” she said.

“We were told the asphalt would be smooth and of a high grade. What we got was coarse and grainy asphalt.”

A council spokeswoman said the council remained firm on their position.

“Red asphalt was selected as a continuation of the red bitumen material used from Canning Highway to Fraser Street,” she said.

Ms Ziegler said the process to make complaints to the council was difficult and residents who had concrete driveways that were previously council approved had to have them removed for the project.

“They removed parts of my concrete driveway, which upset some of us because concrete is better for the longevity and looks better,” she said.

“It affects land value and also the streetscape. There was also no time to fight it.

“Once you wait for council meetings, by the time you air your concerns, get feedback, it’s already done,” she said.

The footpath has been completed.

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