Plan bicycle friendly

The plan outlines three approaches that the City wants to follow to improve the bicycle network in the area.

These include giving everyone access to a bike through bicycle hire, investing more into bicycle infrastructure such as showers, lockers and a lockable parking area and providing better educational and promotional programs.

Dr Pettitt said that in the present financial year the City had spent thousands on bike plan initiatives in the area.

‘The new City of Fremantle bike plan is one of the most comprehensive and ambitious bike plans produced by any council in this State,’ he said.

‘Fremantle already has a cycling level well above the average and at current funding levels we expect we can further double this over the next five years to make Fremantle into the most bicycle-friendly city in Australia.’

The plan also outlines 26 areas that need priority upgrades to the cycling infrastructure, such as Phillimore, William and Norfolk streets and Curtin Avenue.

Local cycling enthusiast Bridie Ritchie said she agreed with the plan and its aim to put more bikes on the road.

‘My only concern is that it is largely focused on infrastructure; I know it does cite education as a goal too, so I hope this aspect gets the attention it deserves.

‘I honestly think more bikes on the road will build tolerance, not generate conflict and we also need to stop focusing on these negative interactions and stop making an ‘us versus them’ issue about it.’