Plans to change parking structure

The City�s current Residential and Multi-Purpose Parking Permits Policy was originally adopted in 2005, with parking permits given to residents who live on streets that have restrictions on parking or limited access to off-street parking.

The City is looking to introduce a zoned approach, breaking the City into three areas to help manage parking restrictions and permit applications.

Through the zoning, the city centre would have a variety of timed parking areas, but no new parking permits would be given.

The other two areas, including the fringes of the CBD and the rest of the greater Fremantle area, would have two-hour and four-hour parking restrictions respectively, as well as exemptions for permit holders.

According to the City, the reason for the change was to continue allowing residents living in mostly non-commercial areas to park on the street without restrictions but to also provide the right balance of residential and non-residential parking, paid and free, closer to the CBD.

Fremantle field services manager Matthew Piggott said the City issued 740 residential and multi-purpose parking permits, 96 per cent of which were for locations outside of the CBD.

�The original policy has been amended to reflect a contemporary approach to on-street residential parking, non-residential parking, timed parking restrictions and the supply of residential and multi-purpose parking permit applications,� he said.

�In recognition of the competing parking needs of residents, businesses and visitors to Fremantle, three distinct parking zones have been proposed to allow the City to administer a tiered approach to the imposition of parking restrictions throughout the district.