Police model to be rolled out

Reliant on running larger police districts, Peel will be merged with South Metropolitan to create a 500-strong police presence between Fremantle and Mandurah.

Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan said the six-month trial in the South East Metropolitan District delivered ‘strong outcomes’.

‘In just six months we’ve seen South East Metro move from sixth to the second best performing district in the metropolitan region in relation to verified crime reporting, compared to the previous year,’ he said.

‘Crime is down, demand on policing resources is down and the district has a higher degree of control over its resources than before.

‘It’s also worth noting there has been significantly improved public satisfaction with police.

‘Response teams will be there when you call, the local policing teams will concentrate on local issues in your suburb and the District Control Centre will ensure officers are best positioned to meet the demand on our services.’

Under the model, Perth will end up with four police districts, halving its current allocation of eight.

The merging of South Metro and Peel will begin in September.