Police on the prowl

Cockburn’s new policing team.
Cockburn’s new policing team.
Under the reform, which kicked in on September 1, the Rockingham Road station has four Local Policing Teams with a team of one sergeant and four to six constables looking after designated suburbs in Cockburn. 
Under recent police reform, Cockburn officers will be responsible for most of the City’s west, with Murdoch Police Station ” which also contains four LPTs ” to cover the east.
Despite the reform being in play for little more than a week, Sgt Reyne said his team were dead keen to get out and meet the people in their designated patches.
‘They want to get in there and engage with the community members,’ he said.
‘They now have that opportunity and the resources to go do it.’
‘And we’ll try different things. We have the freedom to experiment with new methodologies.
‘Everything will be considered. If it doesn’t work we’ll try something different.’
To bridge any perceived gap between policing teams and the community, each LPT supervising Sergeant will have a mobile phone number the public are free to call, text, leave messages on or send images to.
For those on social media, teams from the South Metropolitan Districts are also contactable via Facebook and Twitter.
Old avenues like the landline and information online will remain, as will the ability to drop in and report information in person.
Sgt Reyne said opening up extra avenues for information would help police piece together what was happening in the community.
‘There’ll be that personal touch if people want it or those other mediums for people wanting options,’ he said.