Project completion date put back

‘The current project plan sees the official opening in late 2016,’ Cockburn chief executive Stephen Cain said.

‘The original date proposed for February/March 2016 was a date identified during the feasibility phase; however, since then a refined project plan now reflects an opening towards the end of 2016.’

Cockburn council kept the ball rolling by backing a revised structure plan for the site last Thursday.

Mayor Logan Howlett had earlier vowed to proceed with the project in the face of local government reform and that’s how it panned out with discussion over the plan relating to the retention of wetland and bushland at the site, and not council reform or funding factors.

The structure plan submitted in September had been rejected by council because it would have resulted in a section of wetland being filled in for a road running through the 32.5ha site.

The modified plan, which changes the road design from a wishbone shape into an H-shape, manages to retain the resource enhancement wetland located within the eastern portion of the site.

The change resulted in the playing fields moving to the northern portion of the site (formerly east) and road access from the existing town centre has reduced to two roads instead of three. Placement of the recreation centre and the AFL oval were not altered.

The plan will now be sent to the Western Australian Planning Commission for endorsement.