Proposal ‘light on funding’

Clancy’s Fish Pub general manager Justin Rogan with Simone McGurk and Tim Milsom.
Clancy’s Fish Pub general manager Justin Rogan with Simone McGurk and Tim Milsom.

His statement comes after Fremantle Labor candidate Simone McGurk announced that should Labor be elected into Government $20,000 would go to the installation of CCTV cameras at Fremantle Courthouse and $20,000 for improved lighting near Princess May Park to discourage anti-social behaviour.

Mr Milsom said while the community and businesses would welcome any funding they received, the funds would not go very far and he would rather they be an outright contribution.

‘We would like the Labor Party to actually agree to give us the money rather than if they were elected,’ he said.

‘I had a BID meeting last week and we discussed other initiatives to bring people to the area and make it safer, such as making it a bike-friendly area and proposing to put lockable bike stands up there so people can walk into the city because if you activate the area more people will come and it feels safer.’

Ms McGurk said safety was a concern many business owners had brought up with her. It was one of the key issues raised with her.

‘It is also a matter which comes up repeatedly when I am talking to members of the community about Fremantle issues.

‘Improving the lighting in areas where anti-social behaviour takes places was raised as a way to help reduce this sort of behaviour.’

But Liberal candidate for Fremantle Matthew Hanssen said the Labor Party was ‘behind the eight ball’.

‘We ran a law and order forum with the police minister and these issues have been at the forefront of our campaign for the last six months,’ he said.

‘$20,000 is an insult.’