Proposal scaled down

At the Strategic and General Services Committee meeting on Wednesday, councillors stressed the decision was not an approval of the project, but a move to propel the current plan forward to extensive public consultation.

Cr Robert Fittock said the new plans showed a slightly reduced footprint.

‘It’s a positive move on their part in terms of reducing space they talking about and giving back a bit of open space,’ he said.

‘To be honest, it’s the most underutilised space; this will activate that area.’

However, Cr David Hume said the area was used more than many people thought and held a special place in the community.

‘I think we’ll get some robust consultation from the community and some good ideas,’ he said.

‘I think the general premise of getting that shed more active is something everyone in the community supports.

‘It’s about understanding what scale we want for that.’

The proposal will be distributed to precinct groups.