Public to have say on revitalisation strategy

The 70-page report suggests encouraging development through residential zoning changes, improving the presentation of Coolbellup streets and enhancing the suburb’s natural environment.

Council hopes the timing of its move towards higher density will coincide with landowners seeking to redevelop their properties, considering the age and style of most homes in the area.

Most homes are currently zoned R20.

Should the plan be adopted R30 would be the suburb’s base zone.

Based on the average lot sizes in these areas most lots would be able to be redeveloped into two single or grouped dwellings and four to five multiple dwellings.

Properties surrounding the town centre will be zoned R60, with some as high as R80.

R80 will assist in delivering larger buildings that will contribute to enclosing the central hub and increasing activity and surveillance, the report said.

Coolbellup resident Sonia Lamond said she was keen to see residential development, among other things, done well.

‘I’m really interested in paths that lead you to busy areas such as schools, sporting clubs, bus stops and that type of thing,’ she said.