Quest to untangle lives

But she admits the more success she gained, the less free she felt.

�When I was at the height of my career in the USA, earning thousands of dollars and touring continually, I was extremely depressed and anxious,� she said.

�I was taking a lot of medication and probably 25 kilos heavier.

�I got to a point where the more people told me I was fantastic, the audience applauded or people wanted to buy my book, have my photo or autograph, the more depressed I got as I just did not feel good enough.�

Ms Towler was anything but the jovial, free-spirited person she portrayed on stage, sure to surprise the many who have met her in her role at the Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce over the past five years.

From next week she will leave her post as MCCC executive officer to help people �untangle� their lives.

�I was held hostage for 40 years by the feelings of not being good enough,� she said.

�In my quest to get myself out I discovered a unique and powerful way to untangle fast and get out.

�I want to share this with people who are struggling, to empower them to be able to feel good enough and be able to set good boundaries and feel safe enough to pursue their dreams.�

Ms Towler will speak at The Meeting Place in Fremantle on May 29. Email .