Rail concerns addressed

Last week, Public Transport Authority infrastructure planning and land services executive director Peter Martinovich followed through on a December promise to request a meeting with train line operators Brookfield Rail.

At the meeting, Brookfield Rail safety and compliance executive manager Vic Bliss told about 18 Turtle Point Cove and Glen Iris Drive residents whose homes back on to the line operated by the company that he would take their concerns to the track’s regulator.

‘One of the things I will do now, as a result of this meeting, is report to the regulator that there was a community meeting, that there is a strong feeling that the above-rail operators on this particular section are exceeding the speed limit and the regulator can engage with the above rail operator and seek to audit, inspect or do whatever,’ he said.

‘I give that commitment.’

Those in attendance then asked Mr Bliss if he would ask the Office of Rail Safety to consider reducing the speed limit for that section of the track.

The PTA is against reducing the speed. Mr Martinovich said it could set a precedent across Perth that could eventually shut down the suburban rail system.

Local resident David Brennan said he was happy with progress.

‘We will send something through the PTA to Brookfield, if that’s how they want us to do it,’ he said.