Rally against school cuts

Palmyra Primary School parent and member of Save our Schools (SOS) Lisa O’Malley will be at the rally in Langley Park, on Tuesday, April 1, with the message that cost cutting by the State Government will disadvantage students.

Bicton Primary School council chair and SOS member Nick Emeljanow said the school would be impacted by funding cuts of $140,000.

‘Class sizes are now at the maximum and educational assistance has been cut,’ he said.

‘Next year is another matter, with the expectation of even more cuts.

‘Bicton parents will work with other local parents and SOS until the cuts are reversed and our kids get the funding they deserve.’

Winterfold Primary School P and C president Leeanne Willows said the school was already feeling the pinch.

‘Winterfold Primary School has lost $180,000 from its school budget and, consequently, the school lost its education assistant who would otherwise be available to give needy children essential extra attention,’ she said.

‘One parent at the school has told me that her youngest child, who has been diagnosed with autism, most likely won’t have access to a full time aid when he starts school in 2016.

‘Not only will this affect her child’s learning, it will affect every other child in the classroom as he takes up more of the teachers’ time.’