Rates up 5pc to help fund works

The Old Fremantle Boys School.        d424375
The Old Fremantle Boys School.        d424375

The city announced total budget expenditure of $102.8 million, $30.7 million of which has been allocated for capital projects.

The city has set aside funding for some big projects including the High Street Mall upgrade ($325,000), a new Leighton Beach kiosk and change room ($1.22 million), the realignment of the Fremantle Public Golf Course ($1.1 million), continued work at the Old Fremantle Boys School ($705,000) and the development of plans for the new administration building ($500,000).

All that will remain is a $100,000 surplus.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the city had set out to limit rate rises without sacrificing services and the revitalisation of Fremantle. �Our current strategic plan comes to an end this year and we want to make sure the momentum gained over the past few years is continued,� he said.

�In an environment of rising fixed costs I believe this is a responsible budget that balances our responsibilities to our residents and to the broader sustainability of Fremantle as Perth�s second city.

�Over the past few years the council has allocated funds to rectify what can only be described as a generational backlog of essential heritage maintenance work.

�Our heritage buildings are a big part of what makes Fremantle the special place it is, so we will continue to focus on the conservation of heritage buildings as well as encouraging adaptive re-use of privately owned heritage buildings.�