Reform ‘roadblock’ in Cockburn

City council voted on Thursday to endorse a 2012 to 2017 workforce plan that analysed the City’s internal and external environment for potential problems that could hinder its ability to deliver services and provide support to the community.

Possible amalgamation, economic factors, market factors and the City’s internal environment were all listed.

‘Local government reform will have the most significant impact of any external issue confronting the local government sector,’ Mr Howlett said.

‘The City has handled this issue by communicating with staff about its impact and involving senior management in planning for any potential changes.

‘Employees in any sector need assurances as to their employment stability, career planning and meeting their personal and family needs.

‘The current reform process has seen four years of uncertainty for staff, elected members and the community ” it needs addressing now.’

The workforce plan also identified critical positions the City has found difficult to fill, including engineering related roles, building surveyors and environmental health officers.

Mr Howlett said the City was keen to fill vacant positions with Cockburn residents and that hiring locally was a more sustainable option for the community.