Restored tractor gift to City

Frank Yakas with his 1957 Ferguson FE 35 tractor.
Frank Yakas with his 1957 Ferguson FE 35 tractor.

Coogee�s Frank Yakas recently donated his 1957 Ferguson FE 35 tractor after a six-month effort to restore it.

It was the same tractor his father bought more than five decades ago for use on the family�s Mell Road market garden when they owned land in Spearwood.

�The tractor (which cost 800 pounds) was a significant purchase back then when you consider it cost about 20 pounds to buy a horse,� Mr Yakas said.

�But the tractor helped a lot and the various implements that could be fitted made preparing the land for planting a lot easier.�

Mr Yakas said he was spurred on to donate the piece, which was also used to help other local market gardeners, as a mark of respect to his parents.

He said his parents would donate to the local orphanage each week and help out within the community wherever they could.