Returning bigger, better

During a council meeting in August, the City of Fremantle decided the market attracted too many people for its location in its inaugural year, announcing it would have to move to South Beach to cater for the crowd.

However, organiser Georgie Adeane said several talks with the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, the Arthurs Head Precinct and several councillors had resulted in the market being given permission to stay at Bathers Beach and expand, going from 20 to 60 stalls.

Ms Adeane said each area of the expanded market would have a theme, with J-Shed to have a lively and fun feel with live bands, food and non-food stalls, the Roundhouse to have a cultured theme with a focus on art, ethnic stalls and softer music while the original Bathers Beach area would have a mellow, family feel.

‘It is important for the community to know that the J Shed is there with active businesses and they need customers; also this should help activate the West End of High Street as well as Fishing Boat Harbour,’ she said.

‘Of course I would like the community to support this event as I am spending a large amount of time, energy and money to get this off the ground.

‘The people of Fremantle have given amazing support for the Growers Green Farmers Market (which I started to raise funds for the school) and the Bathers Beach Sunset, which got off the ground last year.’

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said he wanted the markets to be the catalyst for bring more people to the West End.

‘This is a very exciting idea as it will expand on the very successful and popular markets from last summer and connect them with the Arthurs Head Arts Hub,’ he said.

The Markets will start on November 30 and run every Saturday from 5pm to 9pm during the warmer months.