Revealing drivers’ bad behaviour

RAC senior patrol officer Jason Kovacavich.
RAC senior patrol officer Jason Kovacavich.

The findings were revealed by the RAC after a survey of its roadside patrollers to discover exactly what they encountered on WA roads.

Last year, RAC came to the aid of more than 400,000 West Australians. RAC general manager Mark Weller said the company�s patrol team was uniquely placed to offer insight into issues faced on WA roads.

The results make for some interesting reading.

Unsurprisingly, 96 per cent of those surveyed said traffic congestion was on the rise. More than 43 per cent of patrols said WA roads had declined in quality, and up to half said damaged tyres were the most frequent type of problem, linked to the amount of debris on roads.

Twenty per cent experienced a near miss each week, with close calls attributed to motorists not slowing near a traffic incident or impatient drivers using emergency lanes to avoid congestion.

Most said they had noticed an increase in unsafe driving behaviour, including speeding, running red lights, road rage and tailgating.

People using mobile phones behind the wheel was the most common unsafe habit spotted, with 95 per cent saying they had seen it.

Mr Weller said he was not surprised by the results.

�The survey has confirmed for us that issues such as inattention and bad driver behaviour, such as road rage and tailgating, has become much more of an issue recently,� he said. �We really want Perth drivers to understand the danger to our patrols and members when they are passing a breakdown on the road.�