Row over shark barrier

Row over shark barrier

The company had worked with Eco Shark Barrier to develop and install WA’s first ever shark barrier at Coogee Beach late last year.

But after a breakdown between the two parties, the local company moved to develop its own shark protection zone ” known as the Bionic Barrier.

The move drew criticism online with some, including the wife of Eco Shark Barrier inventor Craig Moss, accusing Form Designs of stealing the concept.

‘Form Designs were in our employment ” this is our idea, concept and invention,’ she said in a post online.

‘They charged us $170,000 and have been paid in full. They not only have taken our money but our invention too ” totally no morals or ethics.’

The company also received negative comments on its Facebook page, which have since been deleted.

In a statement Form Designs said allegations against the company were a ‘horrible misrepresentation’ of the company’s character and conduct.

The company believes it had been the victim of a co-ordinated attack on social media by people who didn’t know ‘the facts surrounding the situation’.

‘Form Designs are the inventors, designers and intellectual property owner of the Eco Shark Barrier and have all the evidence to prove this,’ the statement read.

‘The concept of a shark barrier is not new. The Eco Shark Barrier was the first plastic barrier in Australia; the Bionic Barrier is the first hybrid plastic and steel barrier structure. The Bionic Barrier is a substantial improvement as it is the first solid structure that can adapt to vertical changes in sea height. This allows shark barriers to be suitable for exposed beaches.’