Satisfaction with City rises

The Community Perception Survey found overall satisfaction of the City among residents increased to 91 per cent for 2013, up from 86 per cent last year.

Customer service, sport and recreation facilities and road maintenance were among areas where the City had performed strongly.

Last year, residents rated traffic management, safety and security, roads maintenance and street lighting, planning of coastal developments and issues related to noise, dust, pollution and emissions among the areas for improvement. Of those areas, issues relating to noise, dust, odour and emissions had improved the most, according to the survey.

Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett said the City would use the results to review areas of priority.

‘The upward trend in most areas was pleasing, but the council, City staff and strong volunteer base always strive to do better,’ he said.

‘Traffic management is still an area of concern and this year we are undertaking studies, conducting a traffic survey and undertaking a range of major roadworks that will ultimately help ease the congestion of traffic and improve traffic flow.’

Mr Howlett said the City would lobby for the construction of the North Lake flyover bridge and he was pleased funding had been allocated to the Aubin Grove train station.

Visit|perception to see the full report.