A Fremantle MLA is concerned schools will receive less under Student-Centre Funding Model

Image: File photo.
Image: File photo.

WITH schools already looking to 2015 and the introduction of a new funding model, Fremantle MLA Simone McGurk says up to $2700 per student in funding could be lost at Fremantle schools.

In 2015 the State Government will introduce the Student-Centre Funding Model to local schools, which will see funding given to schools based on student needs, the number of students and which grade the student is studying.

The funding model does not include additional funding that schools receive for initiatives like the Gifted and Talented programs, Kindergarten hours and attaining Independent Public School status.

Ms McGurk said when comparing the expected 2015 budget for each school with their projected enrolment numbers, a number of Fremantle schools would be worse off compared to 2013.

She said among the worst hit were South Fremantle Senior High School, which would lose $2693 per student and John Curtin College of the Arts, which will lose $1307 per student.

She said the Government should not claim students would be better off in 2015 because they received more funding than 2014, because the funding in 2014 was cut.

‘Fremantle schools have already had to absorb millions of funding after their budgets were severely slashed this year,’ she said.

‘Students in Fremantle have a right to be able to achieve everything they can in our schools, but these funding cuts will just make it harder and harder for them.

‘WA Labor supports a new funding model but this new model must be properly funded.’

Education Minister Peter Collier said comparing 2013 with 2015 was not accurate. ‘In 2015, the on-cost for staff charged to schools by the Education Department is less than in 2013, because of a calculation change, which means schools can buy more staff next year than they could last year,’ he said.

‘Since 2007-08, the budget has increased by 61 per cent, during which time student enrolments have increased by only 12 per cent.