Setback for police hub

Construction is expected to take two years.

Ms Harvey said the scope of the station had to be revised due to a number of building-related occupational health and safety concerns at the Fremantle Police complex.

‘A comprehensive business case will be developed for consideration as part of the 2014-15 budget process,’ she said.

‘This will affect the timeline for the construction of the Cockburn police station; however the Government remains committed to the project. Construction of the police station is expected to commence in 2014-15.’

No money will be spent on the project over the next 12 months, according to recent State Budget papers, although forward estimates have $20 million allocated to it over the following three years.

WA Police Union president George Tilbury said Cockburn Central Police Station was second on the union’s list of stations that need replacing, behind Mundijong’s.

‘This (current) station was built in 1962, is not fit-for-purpose and as such, needs to be replaced as soon as possible,’ he said.

‘We encourage the Government to assess its building infrastructure plan to ensure this station is upgraded as a matter of priority.’

Cockburn MLA Fran Logan was not impressed by the delay, saying it had been pushed back too many times already.

‘If residents take a drive over to Cockburn Central they will see a big sign up saying the new police hub will be built by 2013, yet no work has been undertaken and there is no money for the building in this year’s budget,’ he said.