Setting sail on the Leeuwin thanks to Fremantle RSL

Lori-Rae O'Sullivan receiving her cheque from Rob Cashman.
Lori-Rae O'Sullivan receiving her cheque from Rob Cashman.

LORI-Rae O’Sullivan will become a qualified volunteer onboard the Leeuwin thanks to a grant from the Fremantle RSL.

Ms O’Sullivan received a grant of more than $1000 from the Fremantle RSL and Woodside to take part in the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation’s youth leadership and development program.

Fremantle RSL vice-president Rob Cashman said the program allowed young people with physical, sensory and intellectual issues to take part in a unique sailing adventure, with Ms O’Sullivan providing support, care and assistance on board the trip, which leaves Fremantle tomorrow.

Ms O’Sullivan said it was a stepping-stone to achieving her life goal.

“I hope not only to contribute to building a stronger, healthier and happier community myself, but also help people from all backgrounds experience and participate in developing the communities themselves,” she said.

“I am really happy to show the community the involvement and support of the Fremantle RSL and I want to thank them for their actions that have contributed to help me to support such a unique and exciting project.”