Shenton College students helping those in need, limiting food wastage in Fremantle

Year 11's L to R - Lily Purser (Fremantle) & Alyssa Wong (Landsdale). Photo: Jon Hewson
Year 11's L to R - Lily Purser (Fremantle) & Alyssa Wong (Landsdale). Photo: Jon Hewson

A LIGHT bulb moment sparked the minds of two year 11 Shenton College students who created a website to help end food wastage and help those in need in Fremantle.

Lily Purser and Alyssa Wong said was originally inspired by the STEM course they were completing at school, Lily said it also coincided with when she began her first job at a bakery.

“At the end of ever day we had to take the bread out to the dumper we didn’t sell and I was totally taken aback about how much was going out, people who were homeless or living out of their cars would scavenge the food,” she said.

“One of the core parts of the STEM course was the design thinking process, to look at a bigger issue like world hunger and use that empathy at a local level.”

Fremantle Resident Lily said they thought a similar concept would already exist in the system.

“Our website links different areas – businesses, charities, individual – trying to take excess food from business and giving it to charities who need it,” she said.

“Individuals provide pick-up and drop-off of the food.

“We are working predominately with St Patrick’s Community Centre but we have had a meeting with Uniting Care West.”

Landsdale resident Alyssa said they are looking to create an app and a database with other people in the area.

“Currently we are operating outside of one supermarket complex, so we hope to expand that,” she said.

“We just want to get the word out and start to look at areas in between Perth and Fremantle so next step will probably be Shenton Park.”

Alyssa said she hopes everyone can find the time to help out.

“Everyone is so busy but it only takes half an hour or an hour and it really makes a big difference.”

To check out the website go to