Sleeping rough, waking up to life on street

Dr Blythe will take his bid to raise more awareness for homelessness to the WACA next month when he takes part in his third CEO Sleepout event.

The ST Vincent de Paul Society fundraiser aims to give businessmen and women the chance to experience first-hand what it�s like spending a night out in the cold, and after raising $8000 last year, Dr Blythe said he�s pushing to reach five figures this year.

�Many of the homeless describe how frightened they feel sleeping on the streets, but at the WACA we�re at least able to find somewhere to sleep out of the wind, and I thankfully don�t feel frightened,� he said.

�I can�t imagine what it is like with even less shelter and having to walk the streets each night.

�The WACA is still cold and surprisingly noisy, but it�s humbling to hear the stories related by the homeless and to understand their journey a little more.�

The CEO Sleepout is on June 18.