Snake season warning for residents across Perth

Steve Smartt  with southern carpet python Monty.  Picture: Jon Hewson         d443307
Steve Smartt with southern carpet python Monty. Picture: Jon Hewson         d443307

LOCAL snake catcher Steve Smartt is not completely sure where his role will take him over the coming months, but he does know it is likely to be dark and cramped.

Mr Smartt has been removing snakes from Perth homes, gardens, sheds and other tight spaces for 23 years and has played through most scenarios.

But he says Perth’s urban sprawl was pushing the slithering reptiles further into suburbia, meaning more visits to homes.

“Eventually the day will come where we take every-

thing from them,” he said.

“At this stage they’re just following their food supply.”

With snakes now emerging from winter hibernation to bask in the warmer weather, the Spearwood resident expects his phone to begin running hot.

Department of Parks and Wildlife officer Matt Swan said we are at the start of a period of increased snake activity.

“We create environments for snakes – things like sheds, wood piles and leaf litter,” he said.

“The easiest way to keep snakes out is to take away their hiding spots. I

“If there are no rats or mice, they will move on.”

Mr Smartt is on call 24 hours a day on 0417 930 587.

Alternatively you can call the Wildcare helpline on 9474 9055.

Department of Parks and Wildlife tips for dealing with snakes:

Clear backyards and garages of items which may provide cover or a food supply for snakes.

Keep grass short.

Reduce mice numbers around the home.

Keep shoes and fridges – places that snakes can hide in – away from back doors.

If you spot a snake, keep watch from a safe distance until a professional can remove it.

Take extra care when venturing outdoors, particularly near swamps, lakes and bushland.

Snake Awareness Workshop

What: Snake Awareness Workshop run by Bob Cooper. The workshop will cover first aid treatment for bites, protective clothing precautions, a presentation of local venomous snakes and more.

When: Friday, September 30 between 10am and 12pm.

Where: Manning Park Amphitheatre, Hamilton Hill.

Bookings essential: Phone 9411 3444 or email