South Lake resident’s life goes through dramatic turnaround in just four years

MainTraining chief executive Sarah Cordiner.
MainTraining chief executive Sarah Cordiner.

THE life of South Lake resident Sarah Cordiner is a world away from the one she lived just four years ago – and not only because she relocated from the UK.

Ms Cordiner, founder and chief executive of MainTraining, which offers guidance to businesses and entrepreneurs, arrived in Australia with little money.

But what she had in abundance was energy and drive.

And she has needed it.

Just 18 months ago the downturn in the resource sector brought her business to its knees.

But she was determined to keep going.

“Success is not in your moment of glory,” she said.

“It’s showing stamina, determination, commitment and unwavering dedication to your mission when things get hard.”

MainTraining has gone on to provide advice to some 6000 people and seen Ms Cordiner gain a 40Under40 award and a Telstra Business Woman of the Year nomination.

She was recently named among the Huffington Post’s Top 50 International Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017.

Ms Cordiner, who has a goal to work with one million people by 2020, says there is still plenty of work to do.

“My success has not come from a single moment of spectacular action,” she said.

“It has grown from the persistent effort of tiny shuffles forward – even when it felt like the tide was pushing against me, I just kept going in the hope that one day I would make a little ripple in this big ocean.”