South Street good spot for residential growth

A council report said the section of South Street from Stock Road down to Marine Terrace was used as an important public transport route, which made it a key location to try to expand residential density.

The plan is still in its early stages, but Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said he believed it would go a long way to meeting a large part of the City’s Directions 2031 infill target.

He said South Street had ‘potential’ for this opportunity.

‘We are looking at opportunities along various non-residential zoned sites along South Street. We think South Street has potential as we think it’s a likely future transit corridor and is shown as such in the State Government’s draft public transport plan,’ he said.

‘This is about smart, well-targeted density that enables our suburbs to stay leafy but have density in key areas.’

However, while Dr Pettitt said the number of people living along the South Street route was expected to increase, there were no plans to widen the two-lane road.

‘We are not considering widening of South Street as part of this process,’ he said.

‘We will look at anticipated traffic volumes a part of the process but our primary aim is to promote development which is capable of being served by transit.’