Spice and all things nice at Phoenix Court Chinese Restaurant

Bryce Soraru has won his way to Gallipoli for Anzac Day.
Bryce Soraru has won his way to Gallipoli for Anzac Day.

My dining partner and I ventured to Phoenix Court Chinese Restaurant to make a glorious escape from the post-Easter diets we were trying to pursue.

I ordered an old favourite, the kong po chicken.

Not for the faint hearted, the delicious dish contained tender pieces of chicken, a smattering of peanut, freshly cooked vegetables and fried chilli peppers.

My dining partner initially was considering another classic, the Szechuan beef, but was convinced by the friendly chef to try something else and go for the salt and pepper king prawn.

Large fresh prawns were coated in crispy and delightful salt and pepper crumbs.

This was also laced with dangerous chillies, but they were easy to spot, so if you’re not a hothead, the searing heat is easily avoided.

Our meals were accompanied by fluffy, freshly cooked rice, which I crammed into my mouth after accidentally biting down on the aforementioned chillies.

The restaurant is pristine, with clean white tablecloths adorned with vases of flowers.

It’s also spacious with plenty of room for larger functions.

The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, with friendly and helpful staff.

Phoenix Court Chinese Restaurant’s menu was very diverse, offering a wide range of meat and vegetable based dishes.