Storage plans cold

The proposal, placed on the council’s website on March 4 as part of its community consultation process, is for the 5500sq m site at the western end of Korcula Court and the southern side of Splash Terrace to be used as a storage facility.

Limited office space would also be developed to accommodate staff.

‘Such use would complement and potentially service the adjacent Australian Marine Complex (AMC) precinct while also not adversely affecting the amenity of abutting and nearby residences,’ the structure plan reads.

However resident Kim Reed, who lives adjacent to the empty lot, said the storage units would not complement the AMC and instead draw crime, noise and traffic to the area while ultimately providing no benefit to the community.

‘We purchased this land to build our dream home,’ she said.

‘If this proposal goes ahead, our quality of life in what we all thought would be a safe area for our kids to play and enjoy the outdoors will no longer be.

‘Surely there is plenty of land in an existing industrial area that would be better suited.’

Cockburn Planning and Development director Daniel Arndt said the City was trying to organise a meeting with concerned residents.

‘The City sent out 45 letters to surrounding and nearby landowners,’ he said.

‘The City has been extremely mindful of the immediate context for the land, and the need for any non-residential development to be compatible with the maintenance of residential amenities.’

The site is within the Woodman Point Waste Water Treatment Plant buffer, meaning it cannot be used for residential development.

Residents have until March 24 to have their say.