City of Fremantle’s strategy for economy

THE City of Fremantle’s adoption of a new economic development strategy will keep the revitalisation of business in the area a priority for at least the next five years.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt said the aim of the Fremantle Economic Development Strategy 2015-20 was to build on the steps made during the lifetime of the 2010-15 strategy, with an emphasis on attracting more investment and |people into the area and concentrating on local issues to build confidence in the local economy.

He said the city was in a good position with more than $1 billion of development in the works, but there was still work to do. “Fremantle’s $1.3 billion development pipeline is great for the city, but does raise challenges and needs to be managed effectively to maximize benefits in a sustainable way – this is what the new strategy hopes to achieve,” he said.

Economic development and marketing manager Tom Griffiths said the previous strategy focused on addressing the economic decline, whereas this one would look more to providing support for the local economy.

“Creativity, innovation and knowledge generation are definitely a focus of the new strategy and we aim to help local businesses and industries foster these attributes to develop a smarter and more resilient local economy,” he said.