Students push beds for a good cause

Second-year medical students Kate Nuthall, Eamon
Second-year medical students Kate Nuthall, Eamon

They were not patients escaping Fremantle Hospital but members of the Medical Students Association of Notre Dame in fancy dress pushing around toddlers with tins to raise money for Radio Lollipop.

Student Samuel Last said the event had run since 2010 and aimed to raise awareness and money for the important cause.

‘Thirty students came along in fancy dress or pyjamas and helped to push a toddler in a bed and tin rattle through the streets of Fremantle,’ he said.

‘MSAND and medical students in Australia feel the need to give back to our society, which has given so much to us because we are in a very privileged position and, therefore, must give back to our community.

‘As future doctors, we understand how daunting a hospital visit can be for a small child and we feel it is our responsibility to raise money and awareness to help this important charity.’