Success Isa name game

Isabell Utama and Isabella Wallhead, both 12, have proved they are among the best in the State in their respective sports after both were selected to take part in national competitions this year.

Isabell was one of only six girls selected for the state golf team to compete in Canberra in August, while Isabella made the team of 15 travelling to Adelaide in November to represent WA in soccer.

Isabell, who trains at the Royal Fremantle Golf Club, said she followed her grandfather into the sport.

�I enjoy golf so much because I have got so many good and supportive friends,� she said.

�I feel so happy and relieved that I got into the state team. I�ve tried so hard in my training, now all of that has paid off and it was worth it.�

Isabella, who will also play in next month�s National Youth Championships, said she loved everything about the sport.

�I love running, training keeps me fit and healthy and playing helps me clear my mind and relax,� she said.

�I feel very excited and lucky that I was chosen to be in the state team, it�s a dream come true.�