Teams turn focus to Fremantle CBD

Sgt Paul Gelmi leads Local Police Team 4.
Sgt Paul Gelmi leads Local Police Team 4.

Fremantle Police sergeant Paul Gelmi heads up one such police team, aiming to cover the areas encompassing the CBD, residential area and port of Fremantle.

Sgt Gelmi has had a busy 20-year career with WA Police, starting his career as a general duties officer in Fremantle before rotating into the Geraldton district for a stint.

He then spent 10 years as a forensic investigator before being promoted to Sergeant and returning to Fremantle.

Sgt Gelmi said the new Local Policing Team system provided officers with a greater opportunity to become more involved and hands-on with the community.

‘As opposed to the previous model, LPT officers will be assigned to smaller, defined boundaries,’ he said.

‘With the new model, I expect officers to become more familiar with their ‘beat’ as well as their local offenders.

‘The new model also provides officers with a greater level of independence to work with the community to identify and address issues in their area. Main goals will be tackling personal crime, property crime and alcohol and drug harm in the Fremantle CBD.’

Should a member of the community have issues they wish to discuss, call LPT 4’s mobile number and get either Sgt Gelmi or a team member. To report an offence or call for police attendance, ring 131 444.