Terror on our roads

A COCKBURN grandmother who recorded the moment a man punched his way into her car, showering her in glass, says she is shocked no one came to her aid.

Lynn, who asked for her surname to be withheld, turned on to the Kwinana Freeway from Armadale Road about 3.30pm on October 19 when she says another driver began acting aggressively after the two had merged.

The woman said she was honked and yelled at by people in the other car and had something thrown at her window by a male passenger as they overtook her.

The other vehicle was then driven into her lane and stopped, bringing a busy line of freeway traffic to a standstill.

Video footage captured by Lynn on her mobile phone shows the passenger leaving his car before walking over to her vehicle.

After throwing something at her windscreen, he then moves around to the driver’s side of the car and punches straight through her window, showering her in glass.

The man can be heard yelling expletives at her and accusing her of cutting them off. He said he had kids in the car.

Lynn can be heard screaming for the man to go away.

When the 20-second incident was over, Lynn said she was left sitting in her car in a state of shock.

“Friends ask me ‘Did anyone come to help you?’,” she said.

“No one did anything.

“What shocked me the most was that you couldn’t mistake what was going on – he was leaning into my car.

“I didn’t expect anyone to put themselves in danger but I would have stopped, beeped, or tried to show them I was ringing the police.”

Lynn said she was unsure whether to contact police from her position and wait or forget the incident and drive home. Roadworks meant she could not pull into an emergency lane.

She eventually drove herself home and contacted police.

“It all happened really quickly but at the time it felt like forever,” she said.

“The window was completely disintegrated.

“I had glass in my arm.

“That’s when I realised the whole left lane was at a standstill and I was holding up traffic.”

Lynn said she had not fully recovered from the incident but had returned to the roads.

“I expected him to mouth off and then drive off,” she said.

“But things escalated.”

No charges have been laid but Mandurah police say inquiries are continuing.

To view the footage visit here.